Turtle Club joins the Vault Keeper Program

Great news, Vault Keepers!

We’ve teamed up with Turtle Club to offer boosted rewards and expand participation in the Vault Keeper Program. In this article we’ll cover who Turtle Club is, the benefits of our partnership, and how you can participate.

What is Turtle Club?

Turtle Club is a DAO led by a world-class team of liquidity providers and auditors. Their mission is to collectively enhance liquidity utilization, returns, and security while fostering sustainable growth for favored protocols. Whereas these opportunities are traditionally only available to established whales or VC funds, even novice Turtle Club members stand to gain better risk-adjusted returns without having to pool their liquidity or take on additional smart contract or counterparty risk. 

Turtle Club boasts a collective $1.8B in TVL across various protocols that have passed their due diligence like Swell, Renzo, and EtherFi. Their members not only receive additional rewards from participating in these programs, but also Turtle Points which convert into Turtle tokens after their TGE.

Turtle Club and the Vault Keeper Program

Turtle Club members receive a 10% bonus in Bolts, in addition to Turtle Points. Open Dollar is now featured on their dashboard as the newest opportunity for their 90,000+ members to earn boosted rewards. 

How to Join

Think you have what it takes? (its free and anyone can join)

Here’s how:

  1. Go to their website at: https://turtle.club/ 
  2. Click “Join the Club” to connect your wallet.
  3. Read the Turtle Club terms and conditions.
  4. Sign the message to accept, this transaction is free.
  5. That’s it! You’re now officially a member of Turtle Club!

Important: In order to receive your bonus Bolts from being a Turtle Club member, you must register with Turtle Club using the same wallet address you use to participate in the Vault Keeper program. 


Our partnership with Turtle Club gives Open Dollar incentivized exposure to over 90,000 new users who actively contribute to new protocols. Open Dollar’s Vault Keepers will receive a 10% boost to their Bolts simply by joining Turtle Club for free. This win-win proposition benefits both parties and helps the Open Dollar protocol grow.

If you haven’t registered for the Vault Keeper program yet, sign up today! And be sure to check out Turtle Club to boost your Bolts!


Open Dollar is a stablecoin protocol that enables borrowing against liquid staking tokens and Arbitrum-native assets using Non-Fungible Vaults (NFVs).

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