Unlock the value of your tokens

Borrow against Liquid Staking Tokens & Arbitrum native assets with our flexible and transparently over-collateralized stablecoin.



Deposit tokens and borrow the $OD stablecoin at transparent and competitive rates.

Vaults as NFTs

Our ERC-721 Vaults are a new financial primitive. Transfer or sell them to avoid liquidation penalties and use them on any NFT platform.

Uninterrupted Rewards

Keep earning 100% of your deposited staking token rewards, even when you borrow against them.


Every $OD stablecoin is backed by 135% of its value in crypto assets.

Open Source

We’re building in the open. Check out our GitHub and ask us anything on Discord.

Minimized Governance

Open Dollar smart contracts are non-upgradable. As a guiding principle, governance power over the protocol is limited as much as possible.

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