Open Dollar June Highlights

Here we’ll recap the month’s most important developments and news from the Open Dollar protocol.


Chainlink Pricing Data for OD 

What great company to be in! 

Open Dollar uses Chainlink for data feeds to safely determine how much OD users can borrow.

See full announcement

Bridge Assets to Arbitrum using our In-app Bridge 

It’s easier than ever for Open Dollar users to move funds to @arbitrum with our new in-app bridge!

Currently supporting our accepted collaterals and $ETH on the following chains:

⚪️ @Ethereum

🔴 @Optimism

🔵 @Base

🟣 @0xPolygon 

See full announcement

ARB-backed Stablecoins TBV Proposal

Big news! 📰 

We've submitted a proposal to the @arbitrum

DAO for a new feature for ARB-backed stablecoins built by Open Dollar to improve treasury and grant efficiency. 

This will allow the treasury to retain the upside of ARB appreciation, dispense grants with near-zero… 

We have received a great amount of positive feedback from the Arbitrum Treasury Working group, and we will be working on a v2 of the proposal in the coming weeks.

See Forum

ODG Circulating Supply updated on Coingecko

Less than 12 hours after submitting our request to update ODG circulating supply, and we already have results! 🏎💨

h/t Coingeko for updating our ODG token information so quickly!

See listing

Incentives for OD Lending or Borrowing on CreditGuild

🪙 1500 ODG and 223000 GUILD tokens will be distributed to users who deposit OD on the Credit Guild platform

Learn how you can take advantage in our latest blog

Check out our Twitterspace w/ CreditGuild

TurtleDAO Joins the Vault Keeper Program

👋 Say hello to our newest partner: Turtle Club! 🐢

@Turtleclubhouse, AKA Turtle Club, has joined our Vault Keeper program, offering boosted rewards for participants.

Learn what the Vault Keeper program has to offer for participants and TurtleDAO: 


Open Dollar is now the 3rd largest Nitro pool on Camelot DEX

OD/ETH is now the 3rd largest Nitro pool on @CamelotDEX 🏆⚔️

The Liquidity Rush event hosted by Camelot that features an additional 2k ARB token incentives to the OD/ETH pool is live, allowing LPs to rack up ARB returns!

Learn more here

Current OD/ETH pool incentives on @CamelotDEX are yielding ~53% APR in combined ARB and ODG tokens

There's 15-days left in this reward period

Check out the boosted Nitro pool here

Giveth Galactic Giving Success 

It's great to see the @Giveth Galactic Giving round results were a success!

Open Dollar is proud to have played a part in such a fantastic, charitable program. Web3 needs more projects like this! 

See the results

Twitterspace - Arbitrum News DAO

We had a great talk with Arbitrum News DAO talking about the latest happenings between Open Dollar and Arbitrum!

Check out the recording

Twitterspace - Arbitrum Core

Listen to the Arbitrum hosted twitter space to get a full download on everything happening at Open Dollar. 

TL;DR: of what we talked about:

⭐Open Dollar building journey

⭐Latest on LST ecosystem

⭐Why Arbitrum and more! 

Check out the recording

Twitterspace - Gamma Strategies Nitro Pool

🦄Uniswap’s progression from V2 ➡️ V4, capital efficiency💰, and ALMs ⚙️

Tune in tomorrow to learn about these topics and more with our liquidity management partner of choice powering our Nitro Pool: @GammaStrategies

Check out the recording

Twitterspace - Co-incentivized OD pool on CreditGuild 

Learn about our new co-incentivized OD pool on @CreditGuild!

Check out the recording

Galxe Campaign

Winners from our first Galxe campaign have been sent their NFV prizes!

If you weren’t in the top 10 or lucky enough to win one of the randomly drawn prizes, don’t miss the Vault Keeper Program👇 


📈 For a growing number of Web3 users, @farcaster_xyz has become their social media dapp of choice.

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